Polytechnic Institute
of Bragança



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Manuel Ricardo Costa Calhelha

Auxiliary Researcher
Group: Sustainable Processes and Products
Phone: 273330916
ORCID: 0000-0002-6801-4578
Scopus Author ID: 6507978333


  • Since 2019: Assistant at CIMO-IPB, Portugal
  • 2017 - 2019: Pos-Doc researcher in the project “Propriedades químicas e bioativas de produtos naturais obtidos a partir de matrizes vegetais e micológicas do Nordeste Transmontano”
  • 2011 - 2016: Pos-doc Researcher (SFRH/BPD/68344/2010)


  • 2010 - in Sciences, specialty in chemistry, University of Minho Minho, Braga, Portugal
  • 2003 - in Biotechnological engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal


  • Antitumor activity of natural extracts (especially mushrooms and aromatic and medicinal plants) using human tumor cell lines
  • Establishment of primary cell cultures from normal cells as toxicity models
  • Anti-inflammatory activity of natural extracts using macrophages
  • Flow cytometry


WASTESILK - Silk Sericin as an industrial wastewater with valuable biomedical potential
Funding body: FCT
Principal Investigator:Lillian Bouçada de Barros
Start: 2021-01-01
End: 2024-01-01
PreVineGrape - Desenvolvimento de um biofungicida para combate a doenças da videira
Funding body: POCI-FEDER
Principal Investigator:Sandrina Alves Heleno
Start: 2021-01-01
End: 2023-06-29
Bio4drinks - Obtenção de Ingredientes Naturais Multifuncionais para a Indústria de Bebidas
Funding body: Programas I&DT Copromoção do Portugal 2020 — Territórios do Interior
Principal Investigator:Sandrina Alves Heleno
Start: 2021-09-01
End: 2023-05-30
MAGLIDUO - MAGnetoLIposomes for DUal cancer therapy
Funding body: FCT-SAICT
Reference: POCI-01-0145-FEDER-028020
Principal Investigator:Lillian Bouçada de Barros
Start: 2018-07-01
End: 2021-12-31
IBERPHENOL - Red cooperativa de investigación en el ámbito de polifenoles y sus aplicaciones industriales
Funding body: POCTEP – Programa de Cooperação Transfronteiriça Portugal – Espanha
Principal Investigator:Lillian Bouçada de Barros
Start: 2015-10-01
End: 2020-12-31

Total results: 281
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