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Ana Maria Pinto Carvalho

Coordinator Professor
Group: Socio-Ecological Systems
Supervisor: Albino António Bento
Phone: 273303297
ORCID: 0000-0001-5508-5935
Scopus Author ID: 20336503900


  • Since 2014: Coordinator Professor, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal
  • 1994 - 2014: Auxiliary Professor, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal
  • 1986 - 1994: Assistant Professor, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal
  • 1981 - 1986: Senior Technician of Second class, Direction of Seed Quality Control Services


  • Since 2015: Member of the European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources (ECPGR) Umbellifer Crops Working Group
  • 2013 - 2016: Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine
  • Since 2011: Member of the Scientific Commission of the Master Degree in Pharmacy and Natural Products Chemistry
  • 2010 - 2016: Head of the Department of Biology and Biotechnology, School of Agriculture of Bragança,Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal
  • 2008 - 2012: Member of the Scientific Commission of the Master Degree in Biotechnology
  • 2004 - 2008: Vice President of the Scientific Council, School of Agriculture of Bragança,Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal
  • 2002 - 2004: Vice-Head of the Department of Biology, School of Agriculture of Bragança,Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal
  • 1986 - 1988: Head of the Department of Microbiology, Biology and Botany


  • 2007 - of Equivalence to the Biological Engineering Doctor's degree, University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Portugal
  • 2005 - in Biology and Biodiversity, Universidade Autónoma de Madrid, Espanha
  • 1994 - in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal
  • 1982 - in Agronomy, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal


  • Ethnobotany, the interdisciplinary study of plants and human cultures, past and present relationships between people and the environment, including local knowledge and biocultural heritage
  • Management and conservation of plant genetic resources, particularly medicinal plants and wild edibles
  • Scientific validation of traditional uses of medicinal and food wild plants
  • Safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage, valorization of underutilized and underexploited plants and crops and impacts in rural development


BEONNAT - Innovative value chains from tree & shrub species grown in marginal lands as a source of biomass for bio-based industries
Funding body: Horizon 2020
Reference: BBI-2019-SO1-R1 - 887917 – BEONNAT
Principal Investigator:Lillian Bouçada de Barros
Start: 2020-07-01
End: 2025-06-30
Safe2Taste - Integrated approaches for socio-economic boosting of the sustainable production and consumption of Montesinho mushrooms
Funding body: MONTESINHO
Reference: MTS/BRB/0056/2020
Principal Investigator:Carla Susana Correia Pereira
Start: 2021-09-01
End: 2024-08-31
LOCALNUTLEG - Developing of innovative plant- based added-value food products through the promotion of LOCAL Mediterranean NUT and LEGume crops
Funding body: PRIMA - TOPIC: 1.3.1-2020 (IA) Valorising the health benefits of the Traditional Mediterranean food products
Principal Investigator:Lillian Bouçada de Barros
Start: 2021-01-01
End: 2024-01-01
PulpIng - Development of Pumpking Pulp Formulations using a Sustainable Integrated Strategy Participant No PI name Organisation
Funding body: FCT/PRIMA
Reference: PRIMA/0007/2019
Principal Investigator:Lillian Bouçada de Barros
Start: 2020-09-01
End: 2023-08-31
VALUEFARM - VALorization of Mediterranean small-scale FARMs by cropping wild UnExploited species
Funding body: FCT/PRIMA
Reference: PRIMA/0009/2019
Principal Investigator:Lillian Bouçada de Barros
Start: 2020-09-01
End: 2023-08-31
PreVineGrape - Desenvolvimento de um biofungicida para combate a doenças da videira
Funding body: POCI-FEDER
Principal Investigator:Sandrina Alves Heleno
Start: 2021-01-01
End: 2023-06-29
VALORNATURAL - Valorização de Recursos Naturais através da Extração de Ingredientes de Elevado Valor Acrescentado para Aplicações na Indústria Alimentar
Funding body: PORTUGAL 2020- SI-IDT - Programas mobilizadores
Principal Investigator:Lillian Bouçada de Barros
Start: 2018-09-01
End: 2022-08-31
EGIS - Estratégias para uma gestão integrada do solo e da água em espécies produtoras de frutos secos
Funding body: PDR 2020- Medida 1.0.1
Reference: PDR2020-1.0.1-FEADER-030981
Principal Investigator:Margarida Maria Pereira Arrobas Rodrigues
Start: 2016-11-30
End: 2021-12-31
MicoCoating - Valorização dos recursos florestais e micológicos para otimização de revestimentos
Funding body: PDR 2020- 1.0.1- Grupos operacionais
Principal Investigator:Lillian Bouçada de Barros
Start: 2017-05-01
End: 2021-03-31
- Cultibos, yerbas i saberes: biodiversidade, sustentabilidade e dinâmica em tierras de Miranda (do Douro)
Funding body: Fundo EDP para a Biodiversidade
Principal Investigator:Ana Maria Pinto Carvalho
Start: 2012-01-01
End: 2013-01-01
- Crops, herbs and traditional knowledge. Biodiversity, sustainability and dinamics in Miranda do Douro, Portugal
Funding body: QREN- Sistemas de Incentivos de I&DT- Projectos em Co-Promoção
Principal Investigator:Ana Maria Pinto Carvalho
Start: 2009-12-29
End: 2011-12-29
- Ethnobotany of the Portuguese Northeast. Knowledge, Plants and Uses
Funding body: Programa POCI 2010 – Medida V. 4 – Acção V.4.1
Principal Investigator:Ana Maria Pinto Carvalho
Start: 2005-01-01
End: 2008-01-01

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