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Networking Event within the scope of LIFE: MIDmacc, Maronesa, SILFORE

Researchers from CIMO, responsible for IPB's participation in the LIFE SILFORE Project, welcomed researchers from the LIFE MIDMACC and LIFE Maronesa projects in a networking event. On Wednesday, November 22nd, IPB hosted researchers from the LIFE MIDMACC project – Adaptando la media montaña al cambio climático (Adapting the mid-mountain to climate change), and the LIFE Maronesa project - Sensibilização do Mercado para as Oportunidades da Pecuária Extensiva e da Agricultura Sustentável (Raising Awareness of the Market for Opportunities in Extensive Livestock Farming and Sustainable Agriculture). This networking event, organized by the LIFE SILFORE team - Towards the conservation and management of resilient agroforestry systems through silvopastoralism, included a field visit to one of the SILFORE demonstration areas located in Vilarinho de Cova de Lua. Following the field visit, joint presentations were made by the SILFORE and MIDMACC teams. The three projects focus on the issues faced by mountainous areas in southern Europe, considered highly sensitive to the impacts of climate change due to factors such as decreasing available water, the extent and severity of droughts, and the increased frequency of wildfires. From a socio-economic perspective, these areas have experienced significant rural abandonment in recent decades, resulting in a progressive loss of the landscape mosaic. Adaptation measures for these regions aim to find solutions to restore the agro-silvopastoral mosaic under the new conditions.